Are two heads better than one?

In The Lost Symbol, Dan Brown says that ” two heads are better than one and yet two heads are not twice better, they are many, many times better. Multiple minds working in unison magnify a thought’s effect… exponentially. This is the inherent power of prayer groups, healing circles, etc….harnessing universal consciousness has the potential to transform our world…”

This month Spirit of the Plains is making prayer pillows. As each loop is hooked a related scripture is recited, breath prayer is said or a specific prayer request is repeated over and over again. Twenty-five percent of these pillow sales will be donated to the Wonder Book Club at Green Elementary. The club’s current focus is #choosekind. This anti-bullying program helps students to see kind and unkind acts from different perspectives. Our prayer is that “multiple minds working in unison” to choose kind and be kind will “magnify this thoughts effect exponentially.”

Leave a reply below and let us hear your thoughts.


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