“Our hearts are in the weaving…”

Kathy M’Closkey interviewed a family when doing her research on Navajo aesthetics. One of the mothers was a woman in her sixties. She had raised her eleven children on her weaving. She was told not to share the weaving stories her grandfather had told her as it would lessen the value of her work. The sacred weaving has “wealth in it…our hearts are in it.”

Do you feel your heart is in your handwork?

Many families have secrets they do not wish to share with others. Do you feel the Navajo weavers work would be less valuable if they shared their weaving stories?

Are emotions tied to the value of your work?

Leave a reply below and let us hear your thoughts.


To read more about M’Closkey’s research go to: http://see.library.utoronto.ca/SEED/Vol4-1/M’Closkey.htm
“Towards an Understanding of Navajo Aesthetics”

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