“Tradition comes from within…”

Kathy M’Cluskey speaks of tradition in her research of Navajo aesthetics and quotes Irene Clark who says, “weaving goes with prayers, songs. Thank Mother Earth for plants, for sky, the air, good feeling to dye..it’s all in the weaving..in your hands, tools, in your mind. Design and coloring, how you think of yourself is how you weave..good thoughts, prayers, songs. When you start to weave, design comes in your mind, in your hands.”

I have hooked several prayer pillows for friends. Prayers for a couple celebrating their 50th anniversary, prayers for healing, prayers for service men and women… There is a spirit of peace that is felt with the repetitive motion of hand work.

Do you pray or sing when you create a craft?

Do you think how you feel about yourself is a part of your craft?

What thoughts come into your mind with your handwork?

Leave a reply below and let us hear your thoughts.


To read more about M’Closkey’s research go to: http://see.library.utoronto.ca/SEED/Vol4-1/M’Closkey.htm
“Towards an Understanding of Navajo Aesthetics”

To see our Navajo style designs, visit: http://www.etsy.com/shop/SpiritofthePlains

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